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We install some of the most reliable & efficient new oil boilers, from some of the UK’s most recognisable and trusted brands such as Worcester Bosch and Grant
Here at Peterborough Boiler Services, we provide a range of services for oil boilers. These include new oil boiler installations, servicing and repairs. We install from the UK’s most respected and award winning brands, that include Worcester Bosch and Grant. In addition our service and repair engineers support a variety of different oil boilers, that include Mistral, Firebird & Warmflow to name a few. It’s always safety first with us and our engineers are registered with OFTEC, meaning you can have complete peace of mind that our work will always be done to a high standard.

An oil boiler operates by using stored oil to generate both heat or hot water within the home. Many people use them for their home, when there is no direct access to mains gas grid.

Energy-efficiency is really important and all the oil brands we install are fully ErP compliant. This means you will have visibility of the efficiency of your new oil heating system, but we are available for questions should you need our assistance.
Oil Boiler Installation
New Oil Boiler

Why Choose a New Oil Boiler

Oil Boiler in Family Home

How do oil boilers work?

Many people think that oil boilers operate differently than other boilers. But, in reality there are a lot of similarities. The oil is ignited and the heat exchanger will start to warm up cold water from either your main pipe or storage tank. Your oil boiler will then circulate the hot water through your radiators and central heating system or supply hot water to your taps as and when required.
One major difference with other boiler types, is that operationally an oil boiler requires an external supply of oil.

This external storage tank will hold the oil securely and depending on your usage will determine how frequent a new delivery of oil is required.

Like with any other boilers, taking the right measures at home to be more energy efficient, will help reduce the amount of oil needed. Our home surveyors will explain further, but there are 3 different types of oil boilers, combi, conventional and system boilers.

Oil combi boilers have their own hot water storage tank built in, as opposed to the external components required for the conventional and system boilers.

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